Our Favorite Movement - Slow Fashion

Our Favorite Movement - Slow Fashion - Skies For Miles

What’s your longest lasting article of clothing, or favorite wellness product? What about it do you adore? Here at Skies For Miles, we provide new and vintage goods that are sourced from sustainable and ethical independent brands. Our favorite clothes and products are those made with quality - the kinds of goods that last. And our ethos is about taking care of the planet while we care of ourselves. That’s why we source new goods with low carbon footprints and quality vintage clothing to share with conscious consumers like you.

Fast fashion tells us that we need a new wardrobe for each season, and that in order to stay stylish we must have the next new thing as soon as possible! Mass-produced and inexpensive, fast fashion is not made to last. When an item is very low in price, the quality is also likely to be low. And that means having to continually replace clothes coming through your closet. This type of purchase-wear-retire-repeat lifestyle is not only draining on consumers, but also the planet! In order to sell clothes at such low prices, costs must be cut somewhere along the line. This results in underpaid laborers, environmentally damaging production methods and massive amounts of waste.

Consider this - as much greenhouse gas is created making a pair of jeans as driving a car 80 miles. It takes 2,700 liters of water, more water than the average person drinks in two and a half years, to make just one cotton shirt. Here’s a BIG one - 5% of all greenhouse emissions are produced by the fashion industry. With such rapid and inexpensive production of fast fashion, pollution and underpaid workers are a devastating byproduct.

Luckily, there’s an alternative! Slow and sustainable fashion is an investment in yourself, your closet, and Mother Earth. The upfront price may be higher, but the cost to you, and the planet, will be far lower in the long term. Pricing can’t and won’t be cheap like fast fashion brands - in order to produce a quality product, brands must employ quality methods of production, which simply costs more. But, the quality of slow and sustainable fashion is absolutely worth the price tag! Buying vintage will fill your closet with sturdy, unique items that have been worn with love for years. Slow fashion and goods produced ethically allow everyone involved in its creation, sale and use to be treated fairly, including Mother Earth.

Fat and the Moon, one of the product lines we carry, is a prime example of an incredible, and incredibly ethical, independent brand. With a mission of healing, they do right by people and the planet. Reusable containers, minimal packaging, and blends that are radically non-toxic guarantee that the production and consumption of their products is ethical, inclusive and intimate. All of our brands and products are vetted so that we can provide you with high-quality options like Fat and the Moon!

At Skies For Miles we aim to make conscious consumption easy, down to the details. Everything we ship and package uses compostable mailers and recycled tissue paper printed with low impact ink. You can trust us to provide slow and sustainable clothing and goods that are ethically produced. Together we will decrease carbon footprints, slow down our closets, and fill our homes with long-lasting quality goods and clothing. Skies For Miles means infinite possibilities with no limitations- for ourselves, Mother Earth and even our wardrobes.




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