You don’t wear that anymore. Do you toss or donate?  

Sustainability has been a growing factor when it comes to producing and distributing fashion. With ‘fast fashion’ constantly moving and changing, the global carbon emissions have been rising - even washing your clothes releases 500,000 tons of microfibers into the ocean every year, which is approximately 50 billion plastic bottles!

The vast ocean is home to millions to animals and plants, helps with regulating land temperatures, and drives weather patterns. If we continue this destructive cycle, plastics in the ocean will eventually outweigh all the fishes in the sea. With that said, we need to take this opportunity to reuse and recycle what we can to lessen the impact of pollution on earth.

SOLUTION: ECONYL® fabric! This awe-inspiring type of fabric was created with fashion sustainability in mind. From rescued waste such as fabric scraps, fishing nets, carpet flooring, and industrial plastics to no produced waste is one of the most impressive part of the ECONYL® Regeneration System. Although, these plastics are not biodegradable, renewing these wastes into nylon fabric enables products to be used again and again without losing its quality.

So the next time you are looking into a new swimsuit, keep in mind and look for swimwear companies that use ECONYL® fabric to be more sustainable and stylish. 

Take a look at these eco-friendly suits to add to your collection: