Meet our Shop Owner

John Oversized Crew Sweatshirt featured in banner
The concept for Skies For Miles (SFM) simmered in my mind for a few years and cycled through different iterations. I always came back to wanting to sell vintage - it's unique, been worn with love, and best of all, ages so well with time. The more you wear it, the better it gets.
I’ve experienced retail as a merchant for big box brands so I’ve learned first hand how fast-fashion impacted our mother earth. Through SFM, I want to connect with like-minded customers who also shop more mindfully and want to leave less of their carbon footprints behind. SFM is committed to curating better options of high quality merchandise. Even our shipping packaging are eco-conscious such as compostable materials and recycled paper.
FUN FACT: the brand name was inspired by my son, Miles. I want my family to always dream big and follow their passions, but that means I would have to lead by example. Thus the meaning behind the brand means infinite possibilities with no limitations.  
By choosing to shop here means so much more than picking up a cute top. You’re supporting a female shop owner with a bold dream offering really cool shit. You’re also saying YES to buying quality. And you’re giving mother earth a giant hug and appreciation. We can't be perfect, but we can all try to do better.
Thanks for stopping by! ♥ Theresa