You’ve fallen in love with a pair of denim jeans. You’ve had them tailored, hemmed, and maybe given a wider leg. However, when you’re washing them a few months later, you notice that the knee has blown out or your back pocket is worn and falling apart.  

For some context, our founder Theresa first learned about Cat, the jean-uis behind a Hole Lotta Denim Repair from a customer shopping at the shop.  The customer was over-the-moon about Cat's repairs on her fave pair of cropped flares.  From there, Theresa reached out and the stars aligned perfectly.  Cat was also thinking about expanding her business, so they decided to partner together on offering sustainable repair and alteration services through the shop.

Catalina is the master denim technician behind Hole Lotta Denim, with a 5-star Yelp review (all 119 reviews are 5 stars!), she cultivated her craftsmanship with her time managing and repairing at Denim Doctors for years.  Cat uses a vintage Consew machine, which is a proper darning machine from Japan.

Before and after pictures for visual references:




Her services include:

  • Resizing Services
  • Custom Tailoring
  • Hemming Services
  • Mending Services
  • Patching Services
  • Skirt Alterations
  • Uniform Alterations
  • Clothing Restoration
  • Dress Alterations
  • Jeans/Denim Alterations
  • Pant & Trouser Alterations
  • Shirt & Blouse Alterations
  • Tapering Services
  • Zipper Replacement & Repair

Don’t wait another moment, fix those holes before they get larger or more holes are added to the collection.  It's time to send them to a Hole Lotta Denim Repair and Alterations, now offered exclusively at Skies For Miles Boutique. 

Services are offered through appointments only.  Contact Catalina directly at (562) 270-4733 to book an appointment at Skies For Miles Boutique.