Sunglasses are a staple in the summer. That’s where Sunski fits into play. After graduating college, founders Tom and Michael, took a trip to Australia and brought back some radical Aussie shades from the 80s. Years later, they launched a Kickstarter to bring vintage shade back to life. Sunski became official in 2012. These two surf and ski pals wanted the create moments of just being outside even better with great sunglasses. With that, the brand had five priorities when creating their products:

Style: Designed from scratch, they crafted each colorful frames from their studio in San Francisco. Sunski even incorporated polarized lenses in every glasses to reduce glare – and for more fun in the sun.

Fit: The frames were developed to be light and flexible so they fit all types of faces and comfortably throughout the day.

Performance: Let’s be honest, most performance sunglasses aren’t the most stylish for everyone. Sunski took it to the next level and created universal glasses to give you best of both worlds.

Value: Part of Sunski’s mission is to provide luxury sunglasses without breaking the bank. They want to be able to give quality AND at a reasonable price.

Sustainability:  They believe that a good design is a sustainable design.

  • Every Sunski frame is made from recycled resin (sourced locally) they have created called SuperLight.
  • Sunski donates 1% of sales to the environmental non-profits.
  • All packing are recycled and are plastic free.

Sunski keeps the consumers in mind when creating each of their products. Simply by designing frames with these qualities in mind, they provide extra care for every frame and do their part for the environment.

Think we’re done? NOPE

Sunski even replaces your lens for every pair AND the shades have a lifetime warranty. So if you accidentally scratch up your favorite frame or they break: DO NOT WORRY – Sunski has your back!