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How To: Make Your Clothes Last Longer
Fashion changes every season and we rotate our wardrobe to stay relevant. Whether you wear the same tee or tank or just the same pair of pants, we would like to offer some tips and tricks to keep those cherished...
Meet Sunski, Your New Favorite Sunnies Brand
Sunglasses are a staple in the summer. That’s where Sunski fits into play. After graduating college, founders Tom and Michael, took a trip to Australia and brought back some radical Aussie shades from the 80s. Years later, they launched a...
ECONYL® fabric solution in swimwear
Next time you are looking into a new swimsuit, keep in mind and look for swimwear companies that use ECONYL® fabric to be more sustainable and stylish. 
Our Favorite Movement - Slow Fashion
What’s your longest lasting article of clothing, or favorite wellness product? What about it do you adore? Here at Skies For Miles, we provide new and vintage goods that are sourced from sustainable and ethical independent brands. Our favorite clothes...
Meet The Tote Project
Two best friends on a mission to empower survivors of sex trafficking worldwide. #HoldOnToHopeâ„¢ that together we can end human trafficking.
Escaping to Freedom @purposejewelry
International Sanctuary’s mission is to empower girls and women escaping human trafficking to embrace their true identity and worth.